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Corporate Profile

Photo Agencies, Marketing and Communications Offices oriented version.
Indispensable for Digital Asset Management of images and diagrams.
Maximum control with user friendly interface.

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Table of features Note: X=Default   O=Optional
LastUpdate in welcome page *1 X
SlideShow in welcome page *1 X
Independently customized SlideShow O
Viualization preview X
Choice of small medium and large, gallery, captions, list preview X
Choice of number of visualized preview X
Visualization tooltips deactivable image X
Visualization in sequence X
Rollaway square of lateral navigation X
Rollaway square of inferior navigation X
Image freeze X
Collection freeze X
Sharing collections X
Editing sections X
Multiple loading and multisection images X
Loading IPTC in upload X
Compilation IPTC from template O
Royalty free profile and right managed O
Features images (photo, illustration, w-b/color) O
Loading high resolution X
Dynamic creation several resolutions O
Cut/paste photos and collections X
Multiple download X
Search engine X
Advanced search engine (search by All, Caption, Image number, file name, headline, event number, event description, keywords, photographer, location) X
Search engine with contextual promter O
Permanent filters of search X
Other in category (offers of other similar material) O
Images, collections scores O
Multiple editing images X
Advanced editing images O
Import from FTP X
Forward images via FTP X
Automatic forward rifle images via FTP O
Forward via email X
Automatic forward rifle via email O
Protection with personalized covering filigree X
Features collections (Recent, celebrity, evidence, future, offering) O
Banner with collections or categories in relief O
Public Url Images and collections O
Savable carts O
Lightbox images X
Collections profiles X
Images profiles X
Email control on registration request X
Registration form with captcha image X
Separated forgot username and password X
Block of navigation IP O
Authorization mail for new IP O
User profiles X
Attribution credits for download O
Evidence of download already carried out X
Setting of daily/monthly credits limitation O
Period of validity of the account O
Change password to the first access O
Expiration password every month O
Ajax controller effectiveness password X
Ajax prompter username composition X
Ajax controller email composition X
Access control contemporary O
Account freeze X
Covering login in trasparency O
MyAccount section with summary operations X
MyAccount section with customized navigation O
Indexed contextual guide X
User separated accesses X
User separated downloads X
Daily downloads with overcoming limit alert O
Daily Accesses O
Summary graphical statistics X
General notifications X
Multi language O
Press review X
News O
Newsletter O
Self mailing O
Agenda booking O
Photographers portfolio X
Electronic commerce features O
Summary of sent notifications X
Comments from consultant to publisher O
Improvement suggestions O
Professional hosting X
Dedicated hosting O
Daily/monthly backup X
Periodical sent of cd/dvd on request X
Mailing media database O

PhotoEngine Basic

The profile for the photo amateurs searching a complete and stable instrument to publish photos online, sharing them with everyone.
The best way to begin: simple, fast, reasonable price.

PhotoEngine Pro

For the professional photographer who does not have time to lose, An optimal, complete and modular job instrument, interpreting your requirements without compromise.
You must try it to believe.

PhotoEngine Corporate

A profile realized for Great Agencies, Marketing and Communication Companies. The best choice for Digital Asset Management of images and diagrams.
Maximum control with user friendly interface.